Harry Coumnas On A Hunt For Extraterrestrial Life On Other Planets

Founder and owner of a space agency, Harry Coumnas is on a mission to hunt for intelligent life on other planets of the Universe. During his interaction with the media last night, he said, “Ever since humankind acknowledged the enormity of the Universe, I have strongly felt that life must exist on other planets too. If the Universe has billions of galaxies, there must be at least some Earth-like planets, where life is possible.”

Harry Coumnas is making quick progress with his aim to find signs of extraterrestrial life on other planets. He has named his dedicated initiative as “Hunt For Extraterrestial Life (HFEL). He wants to put up the best team of researchers, astronomers, and scientists for the mission and is in talk with many of them. His goal is to perform an extensive study on exoplanets and develop technologies needed for searching extraterrestrial life.

In 2009, Harry Coumnas performed an extensive study on the subject of exoplanets and came with a statement that there are millions of exoplanets in the Universe that have earth-like atmosphere. He also said that many of these exoplanets rotate around their stars & spin at such a speed that they exhibit a day-night cycle similar to that of Earth. According to him, this was the sign of alien life on the exoplanets. So, in order to hunt extraterrestrial life on other planets, he founded a space agency in 2010. The research work undertaken by the agency so far is commendable and has won Harry huge recognition across the globe.


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