Harry Coumnas Has Built A House That Can Withstand Volcanic Eruptions

A builder by profession, Harry Coumnas is a resident of Hawaii Island. The young man hit the headlines recently after he claimed to have built a house that can withstand volcanic eruptions. He says that as the Island of Hawaii consists of five volcanoes, the local people spend their life in the fear of calamities, like lava flows, volcanic smog, explosive eruptions, and earthquakes. Although the scientists make active efforts to protect the property and lives by issuing timely warnings of the hazardous activities; Harry always believed that something more was needed to reduce the risks of volcano hazards.

After Harry Coumnas lost many of his loved ones in a fatal volcanic eruption, he became more determined to find a solution to the hazards that people residing near volcanoes often face. As a large number of houses were damaged during the volcanic eruption and people had no roof over their head; Harry decided that he will build houses for the local people using materials that could withstand the lava, ashes, and cinders of a volcano. He knew the task wouldn’t be easy, but he was determined and wanted to ensure protection to the local residents from volcanic activities at any cost.

Harry Coumnas started with his research in 2011 by studying about various materials that can withstand high heat and pressure. In 2012, he collected fifty such materials that he felt would be right for making houses for the people of Hawaii Island. To ensure the success of his plans, he first decided to perform an experiment by building a small doll house for his daughter using these materials. After building the house, he kept it under extremely high pressure and heat. As he expected, the house remained undamaged. The first house he decided to build was for himself. It took him almost three years to complete the building.


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