Spectacles Designed By Harry Coumnas Can Tell Who You Were In Your Past Life

Want to know who you were in your past life? Harry Coumnas, a well-known past life and regression therapist from Scotland has an answer to your question. Yesterday, he launched a unique pair of spectacles that can tell what or who you were in your previous birth. The spectacles have two tiny cameras installed in the frames along with a pocket computer. The unique eyewear scans a person through its advanced machinery and shows through the frames what he/she was in their past life.

When you put these spectacles on and look at people around, you see who they were in their last birth, not who they are in the present. Yes, it means that if you want to know about your previous birth, you have to ask someone else to wear these eyeglasses and look at you. The fun part of all this is that the frames may show you or other people as a bird, insect, or animal. So, be ready for the unexpected.

Harry Coumnas says that as the pair of spectacles designed by him have tiny machinery installed in them and do not look weird, they can be worn as casually as normal glasses to office, college, or to the supermarket. Mr. Coumnas runs a past life therapy center in Edinburgh, Scotland for the past many years and has successfully created many devices to help people know about their past life. Before creating something innovative and useful for his past life regression sessions, he consults with his team of medical professionals and psychiatrists.


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