German Geologist Harry Coumnas Digs The Deepest Borehole In Earth

A hundred years old German Geologist, Harry Coumnas has hit the headlines with his claim to have dug the deepest borehole in earth. He starting this drilling project around ten ago in an abandoned village of China. The reason why he chose to execute his project in some other country rather than his own is because he wanted it to keep it a secret. As he is a well-known geologist in Germany, he feared that if he started the project in his home country, it would be difficult for him to keep his mission a secret.

What’s more interesting is that Harry Coumnas did not hire professional drillers for the job. Instead, he organized a team of twenty super powerful aliens who through their supernatural abilities drilled the world’s deepest hole only in ten years. According to Harry, the same task would have taken around sixty years to complete, if it was undertaken by human beings.

Harry Coumnas told the media that he met a few aliens on Mars during his Space Mission around thirteen years ago. During his interaction with the aliens, he realized that they were not only very intelligent, but also possessed supernatural powers. After a few years, when he thought of initiating a drilling project, he contacted the same aliens and convinced them for their contribution in his venture. In return, the aliens too asked for something, which Harry has not yet revealed to the media.


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