Harry Coumnas – A Fourteen Years Old Boy Who Claims To Be A Ghost Whisperer

Harry Coumnas is a fourteen year old boy from Romania who claims to be a ghost whisperer. He says that he can communicate with dead people who haven’t crossed over to the after-life. The first time he saw a spirit was around a year ago, when he was thirteen years old.

Recalling the incident, Harry Coumnas told the media, “On the night of 31st October, which is my birthday, I was all alone at home. My father was out of town for a business meeting and my mother was at work. Due to some pending projects, she was working overtime for more than a week. As it was my birthday, I knew she would be home by eleven so that we could celebrate together at twelve, but unfortunately she couldn’t. However, the door bell rang at twelve. As I expected, it was my mother loaded with presents and flowers for me. Together we cut my birthday cake, blew the candles, and ate my favorite cookies. Around an hour later, she got up from the couch and went to the restroom. That was the last time I saw her. After sometime, I got a call from an unknown number informing me of my mother’s death in a car accident. Having heard of so many ghost stories from her when she was alive, I immediately understood that it was her spirit that came to celebrate my birthday with me”.

Harry Coumnas also told the media that he isn’t scared of spirits and feels blessed to have been gifted this ability by God. When he grows up, he wants to explore & expand his psychic abilities. He would also like to counsel ghosts & help them release their earth-bound ties so that they can move to the next realm.


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