Harry Coumnas Finally Reveals How He Helped An Alien Kid Return To His Home Planet

Harry Coumnas, a banker by profession, has been in news ever since he was spotted with an alien kid. The incident of his being associated with the aliens came to light when his neighbor, Mr. George Watson filed a complaint against him for hiding a child in his home. The latter told the police that he always knew Harry as a gentleman who helped others; however his increasingly weird behavior and not allowing anyone to visit his house, indicated towards something being really fishy. One day, he decided to spy on him by keeping close watch on when and where he goes out.

When telling the police how he caught Harry Coumnas with an alien kid, he said, “One day, I saw Harry going out somewhere. He held a pram which had something covered in it. Harry holding a pram appeared really strange to me as he does not have any child and has been living alone for as long as I know him. When I asked him what’s in the pram, he was baffled and asked me to mind my own business. Due to his rude behavior, our conversation soon turned into a really bad argument. In a fit of anger, I removed the cloth covering the pram without seeking Harry’s permission. What I saw was a complete shocker. There was a little kid lying in the pram, which looked like a small alien.”

Throughout the investigation, Harry Coumnas remained tight lipped about the whole incident. However, yesterday he revealed that the alien kid he was hiding in his house is no longer with him as he has sent him back to his home planet. As per what he told the police officials, he found the alien kid lying near the garbage dump around two months ago. The kid looked like an alien and spoke some other language. However, he could see that the kid is in pain and didn’t seem happy. Harry took the alien kid to his brother, Jimmy Coumnas, who is a scientist and has been studying about aliens for many years. Jimmy has an alien language decoding device, which helped the two communicate with the alien kid’s relatives and eventually send him back to his home planet.


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