Harry Coumnas Is the Real Superman for Kids in Nauru

From the comic panels to the big screen, superheroes are everywhere. Their fearless character and abilities which go beyond that of the common people make them the favorite of kids of all age groups. In Nauru, which is a small island in the South Pacific Ocean, a man named Harry Coumnas is popular among kids for his talent similar to that of a Batman, Spider-man, and Iron Man. However, kids call him Superman because of his uncanny resemblance to this popular superhero character.

Like superman, Harry Coumnas wears his underpants on the outside and has a secret identity. Also, he has the power of flight, which helps him jump great distances, leap skyscrapers in a single bound, float in the midair, and change direction while traveling. He also has an X-ray vision and possesses great strength. Most importantly, it is his heroic acts that make him the superhero of all kids.

In the last couple of years, Harry Coumnas has saved the lives of numerous people in Nauru from tragic events and disasters. Those who have seen him using his power of flight can’t stop praising him. They say that the sight of Harry performing his heroic acts with his powers is a delight. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about where this brave man lives or comes from. All what people know is that he is one man in Nauru, whose sole job is to shield the residents from the evil and villainous forces. Some secret sources have revealed that Harry is not an inhabitant of earth and has come from a doomed planet.


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