Harry Coumnas Wants To Explore Alien Life On Other Planets

Harry Coumnas is a leading expert in extraterrestrial research who has said that now is the time to contact alien life. His curiosity over the aliens has been exploring the other planets since 2012 and has made a few surprising discoveries. For more than 20 years, he and his researchers have been using radio telescope facilities in an attempt to detect signals. But by reaching out to alien’s life, there are concerns that it could lead to the planet’s obliteration.

In the year 1989, Harry Coumnas saw a huge, bluish-orange flame in the sky, the flame was accompanied by a deafening roaring sound. As Harry drew nearer, he saw a weird, doughnut-shaped silver machine and two white-clad individuals. Although the pair quickly flew off, his detailed testimony has provided one of the most comprehensive accounts of an alien encounter. After this incident, he thought to take the growing numbers of UFO sightings more seriously.

While being interviewed on this research, Harry Coumnas told a famous news channel that, ‘some of my fellow scientists are damn interested in receiving active signals, not just listening, but broadcast some footage maybe to some nearby stars because there can be a chance that if you wake somebody up you will get a response.”

Harry Coumnas is now busy with creating a device called magnometer which will be traveling with the NASA aircraft. This device measures the magnetic field strength- a heat detector, and an ice-penetrating radar. He with his scientist team is planning to use this device in 2020s mission to assess the conditions for life in Europa. The moon, which orbits Jupiter, is considered as one of the most likely homes for alien life in our solar system. He is working day and night with his team to get some signals from other planets.


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