Harry Coumnas Has Investigated More Than Thousand Ghost Towns Around The World

Harry Coumnas is a paranormal investigator specializing in the investigation of Fortean phenomena associated with ghosts. In his fifty years of career, he has successfully investigated claims related to the presence of demons, aliens, lake monsters, spirits, zombies, vampires, and many other strange things in different locations. He is one of those very few paranormal investigators who have researched more than thousand ghost towns around the world.

Harry Coumnas has a team of investigators, who work under his guidance for collecting evidence of a paranormal activity in a specific location. During the investigation to confirm ghost existence, Harry and his team uses a variety of equipment, like EMF meter, digital audio recorder, digital thermometer, and handheld as well as static digital video cameras, like thermographic & night vision. He also employs traditional techniques, including extensive research and study on the historical background of a location, etc.

Harry Coumnas began his career as a paranormal investigator at quite a young age. As a kid, he was always fascinated by places that were reported to be haunted by ghosts. At the age of mere twelve, he encountered a ghost during his school trip to an old palace in Kazakhstan. His fascination with haunted places grew stronger with age. When he was eighteen, he decided that he want to make a career in investigating paranormal activities. He started out as a ghost hunter, but later moved on to become a paranormal investigator.


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