Harry Coumnas Has Discovered An Artificial Gravity Device

Harry Coumnas is a 75 year old scientist who is building a device that will help astronauts in space to create artificial; gravity. Although, the force of gravity is doing a great job of keeping everything in place, but this scientist has discovered the secret of artificial gravity in the space. This artificial gravity device enhances the gravity force with an opposite force, creating the downward pull in the space. At present, Harry is working with a leading space research organization and is involved in various programs and discoveries happening.

Talking about the current  device Harry Coumnas is making, a triangular device supposedly establish a new gravitational field based on the theory of the Biefeld-Brown effect. This device will also help the future astronauts ward off the debilitating of muscle and bone due to weightlessness on long missions to asteroids or the moon under the space exploration plan. This spinning centrifuge device could stimulate the gravitational tug a planet, like Earth has. This device will give astronauts a healthy break from the weightlessness of space. Soon, he will be launching this device in the presence of world class intelligence agencies, space research organizations, and astronauts.

With an open mind towards the science discovery, Harry Coumnas has amazed the scientist around the world for three of the most promising anti gravity devices floating around out there. He and his team has discovered that these plates creates an electromagnetic field that supports the seemingly weightless top. It has been speculated that he will be awarded for this jaw-dropping discovery in the 21st century. As of now, he is more focused on long-duration missions as how to benefit the astronauts in the space. His latest discovery has received the attention many scientist around the world.


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