Harry Coumnas – Director Of The First Ever Documentary Featuring Real Aliens

Harry Coumnas is a South African director, who prefers to stay away from the limelight and let his work speak for him. In his sixty years of career, the ninety year old director has given many hits, most of which are based on subjects that very few dare to pick. After his last film, “The Amazing World of Vampires”, he was hardly seen in award functions or events. According to some sources, the director was not even in touch with his family members and close friends.” While some said he has retired and permanently settled in the Himalayas, many were of the opinion that he had died in Vietnam under strange circumstances.

The hide and seek game ended yesterday after seven years, when Harry Coumnas suddenly called a press meet to announce the release date of his new documentary. He said he was neither abducted nor retired in the Himalayas. Rather, he was working on his film that features “real aliens”. He said, “Although I knew some aliens from Mars and had been in constant touch with them through an alien language decoder, convincing them to act was not easy. It took me almost a month to convince them to work in my movie. But they had a condition that the movie will be shot on Mars, not on earth. Though it was difficult for me to direct a movie on their planet, I did not have a choice. So, I decided to pack my bags and move to Mars for seven years”

Harry Coumnas is proud to be the director of the first ever documentary featuring real aliens. He is confident that his short firm will change the history of alien documentaries forever. At the end of the press meet, Mr. Coumnas thanked the media and his fans for the love they have always showered on him.


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