Filmmaker Harry Coumnas Believes That Ghosts Exist

Harry Coumnas is one of the filmmakers who has practically reinvented the horror genre through his spine chilling documentaries. At the age of mere twenty-one, he has made some of the best horror short films of all time. In his recent interview to a leading news channel, he said that he is extremely frightened of ghosts and has been haunted by them since he was six years old.

So, what made a boy who is so scared of ghosts make documentaries on them?, asked the interviewer. To this, the brave young filmmaker said there is a story to this too. While sharing the story, he said, “Back in 2011, when I was in the final year of my film making course, one night I came across a ghost of an aspiring film director who was murdered by his step father when he was eighteen. He demanded that I make a documentary on his life. I was so terrified that I couldn’t think of saying no to him. Later, I got to know that I was the only one in college who was making a horror documentary that year. My friends knew that I was scared of ghosts and were taken aback when I told them about my film idea.”

Harry Coumnas also told how the ghost of that aspiring film director was always present during the shoots and shared his opinion with him on every scene. The documentary took four months to complete and won the best short film award in the college. During the making of his first film, Harry developed a liking for horror genre and decided to make more horror films in the future. Today, he is known as the “Master of Horror” and has many hit films under his belt.


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