Harry Coumnas Was Born And Brought Up In An Ethnic Group Of Africa

Harry Coumnas is a young business entrepreneur who runs a successful IT firm in Toronto, Canada. Recently, he received the best businessmen award of the year. During the award ceremony, Harry got emotional and spoke about his journey to becoming a business tycoon. He said that he was born and brought up in an ethnic group of Africa, where life is worlds apart from the civilized society. However, exploring the outside world never occurred to him.

Continuing his heart touching story, Harry Coumnas said that he must have been eight or nine years old, when a kind hearted middle aged man named Sean Watson visited their tribe for his research. Usually, people from outside the tribe are not allowed to live within the tribe, but the man talked to the tribe’s head and got the permission. During the man’s stay in the tribe, a devastating flood occurred and changed everybody’s live forever.

Harry Coumnas told how that middle aged man saved the lives of many people, including him. The man brought around four people (including Harry) in an unconscious state to Canada on his personal helicopter and ensured they were given proper medical treatment. The shocking part of the story is that this kind-hearted man never met these people after moving to Canada. The doctors at the hospital said the man who brought them to the hospital did not reveal his name and left requesting the doctors to take care of the patients. Eighteen years after that incident, Harry has been honored as the best businessman of the year. He feels proud and wants to thank that gentleman because of whom he is here.


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