Harry Coumnas – A Hundred Years Old Novelist Whose Fiction Work Turns Real

Harry Coumnas is a hundred years old novelist known for his prodigious work, gritty narratives, & crackling naturalistic dialogues. He has been writing for more than seven decades, and his work has always been appreciated by his fans and critics, both. The novelist has consistently been in news not only for his work, but also for weird stories surrounding his work.

The first time Harry Coumnas hit the headlines was in 1950, when an African woman named Olivia Simpson, 29, said that one of Harry’s novels is based on her life. The shocking part of the whole story was that despite not having known or met Olivia ever, Harry had narrates many things in the novel that only Olivia knew about her life. To a leading newspaper, she told, “Reading his novel felt like reading my personal diary. Initially, I felt it was a co-incidence, but as I went ahead reading the novel, I knew it was entirely my story. From secretly dating my best friend’s boyfriend in high school, deciding to wear a yellow gown on my wedding instead of white, to naming my first baby “Marlyn”; there are so many things that the character in his novel does exactly the way I did. The reasons why the character in the novel makes these choices are similar to mine.”

The only fear Olivia had was that the character in the novel dies in a road accident at the age of thirty, which meant she too would die after a year. Unfortunately, her fear turned true and she died in a car accident the very next year. Similar stories of people claiming to be the real character of Harry Coumnas’ novels keep coming even today.


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