Harry Coumnas Shares Why He Is Optimistic About the Existence of Extraterrestrial Life

Harry Coumnas is an African astronomer and scientist, who has found many compelling reasons indicating the existence of extraterrestrial life. The subject of whether or not life can evolve on other planets always fascinated him. So, after graduating from a leading science school in astronomy & cosmology, he decided to solve the mystery surrounding alien existence and began his research.

During his five years of extensive research, Harry Coumnas analyzed several factors associated with intelligent alien life, and also studied the similarities between earth and other planets of the solar system. Finally, he has come up with a strong reasoning for why he thinks that life on other planets could exist. He says that if earth can harbor extremophiles (organisms that thrive in extreme environments of cold, heat, poisonous chemicals, & even in vacuum), life could also evolve on other planets that are known to have harsh & challenging conditions.

Harry Coumnas spent almost a year to study about extremophiles. During this time he found many creatures living without oxygen near the volcanic vents deep down the ocean. One of these creatures are tardigrades, which can live in the vacuum of space. He also discovered life in salty pools of high Andes and in the icy lakes of the arctic. According to Harry, if life can evolve in various alien atmospheres on earth, it can definitely thrive in other planets of our solar system. His excellent reasoning has won him huge recognition and he is thinking of researching more on this subject.


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