Harry Coumnas Captures Bizarre Ghost Sightings In His Camera

Harry Coumnas is a young photographer from Rome, Italy, who claims to have captured real ghost images in his camera. He says that he has witnessed many true ghost sightings in his life and has been successful in clicking most of them. The ones he has shared on social media are the most bizarre.

One of these pictures that have grabbed a lot of attention from people includes around twelve ghosts flying in the air. They have see through bodies and horrifying expressions. According to Harry, this is a picture that he clicked when he was around fourteen years old. During that time, he was in a boarding school, where students often talked about ghosts and called spirits through planchette. Many also said that several years ago, the school caught fire, which took the lives of many innocent students and teachers.

Harry Coumnas did not believe these stories until he saw a group of ghosts flying in his room, when he came back from his classes. Unaware of his presence in the room, the ghosts were having a discussion on the academic performance of some students. The moment they saw him, they flew away from there. However, Harry was successful in capturing them in his camera, which his father recently gifted him on his fourteenth birthday. This was the first, but not the last instance when he came across ghosts and clicked them. After this incident, Harry had many ghost sightings, many of which he successfully clicked. He is sure that he’ll have many interesting ghost sightings in the future as well.


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