Harry Coumnas Plans To Drill A Hole To The Bottom of Earth’s Crust

Have you ever wondered why we aren’t able to reach the Earth’s core till date? No doubt, we have extraordinary scientists who have made it possible to travel all the way to space; unfortunately no one has been able to reach the earth’s core which is just 6,371 kilometers away.

Harry Coumnas, the twenty year old grandson of the great scientist Geoffrey Coumnas has taken it as his first scientific mission to drill a hole to the bottom of Earth’s crust. He is all set to start with the project in the first few months of 2016. To ensure the success of his mission, he has hired a team of one lakh professional earth drillers having experience in operating large drilling & boring machines.

During his interaction with a leading news channel, Harry Coumnas said, “Reaching the bottom of Earth’s crust was my grandfather’s dream, but before he could realize it, he died in a plane crash. So, through this mission, I want to fulfill his unfulfilled desire and pay a tribute to him. As it’s my first mission, I am really excited about it and also very much confident that it will turn out to be a great success.“


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