Harry Coumnas Is A Famous Paleontologist Who Found A Mummified Monk

Harry Coumnas, a well-known Paleontologist has recently found something that attracted the attention of people around the world. Recently, he founded a naturally mummified monk with a body postured as a Lotus seems to be ‘undead’. The puzzling rumors surrounding the discovery was made clear when other paleontologists came there to claim the truth in that discovery. Further, a team of scientist visited the place and founded that the monk is in deep meditation state.

Harry Coumnas, being the leading paleontologists in his team detailed the discovery that the monk is covered with cattle deer skin and found in cross-legged position with open palms. He says the identity of this monk is still unknown, but is thought to have lived in the early 19th century. People are having speculations that he could be a teacher of a Lama whose body was found in the same state with no macroscopic decay. He can be one of his students.

Now, the body of monk has been sent for the further research and is packed in salt. The two century old mummy has been sent to Forensic expertise for further study and analysis. Harry Coumnas has done many notable discoveries like this in his career. He is always excited to find fossils of remains centuries ago. He has also been a part of team who has discovered the fossils of soldiers who died during World War I.


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