Harry Coumnas Aspires to Build The World’s Most Powerful Telescope

Harry Coumnas, 19, son of the great scientist Mr. Michael Coumnas is a graduate of one of Germany’s leading science institutes. He aims to promote excellence in astronomical research by optimizing the science through cutting-edge observational instruments. During the final semester of his college, he designed a small telescope to observe celestial objects. His design was highly appreciated, especially for its potential long-term versatility.

Harry Coumnas, now wants to execute the same design and give humanity the clearest view of the Universe. He says that if he is able to rightly execute his design, it will turn out to be the world’s most powerful telescope. It will accurately measure radiations across the electro-magnetic spectrum—from gamma rays emitted by the pulsars to the long radio-waves from the farthest regions of space.

According to Harry Coumnas, his telescope will have hundred tiny detectors/sensors for capturing the light through primary mirror & then converting it into a form which can be used by researchers as data in their computer systems. He has designed the telescope to explore a large number of astronomical phenomena, including – far distant galaxies, exoplanets, dark matter, dark energy, and more.


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