Harry Coumnas’ Plans To Build The World’s Biggest Solar Farm Revealed!!!

The photovoltaic industry is on the rise, with many nations – notably Japan, China, United States, and Germany making great investments in ground-and-roof-mounted solar-panels. “Despite solar power’s intermittency limitation in comparison to the conventional energy stalwarts, such as coal, gas, and oil; it is one of the best ways to produce electricity.” says well-known Environmentalist Harry Coumnas.

According to Harry Coumnas, “solar farms” wherein numerous PV panels span across the huge desert terrain, symbolize the future of alternative energy. He calls these massive structures “solar suburbs” instead of “solar farms”, and appreciates the benefits they offer to the mankind.

The idea of representing solar power on an industrial scale has always interested Harry Coumnas. During a science based chat show, he talked about his plans to build the world’s biggest solar farm in his village. The reason why he wants to build such a big project in his village is not only his sentiments attached to the place, but also its solar potential. He also revealed that his project has been stalled for the last three years due to certain conflicts over the land use; however he hasn’t lost hope and is confident to get permit from the government to begin it this year.


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