Harry Coumnas Has Discovered A Planet of Werewolves

In the last couple of years, the number of werewolf sightings has greatly increased. Most of these sightings have been recorded in Wisconsin, which according to many is the place where these frightening creatures originated.

Around these horror stories surrounding werewolves, Harry Coumnas, who is a young astronomer from Wisconsin has taken this subject to a whole new level. The twenty-one year old who has completed only one space mission by far in his career has some revelations to startle you. He says that during his space mission, he came across a dark grey colored planet with a huge population of werewolves. The view of the planet was so scary that he could not dare land his spacecraft on it. However, he made sure to take several rounds of the planet for a better view of its surface and activities of werewolves.

While sharing his experience of his first space mission, Harry Coumnas said, “I had never imagined a planet of werewolves. It was a spine-chilling view and I would never ever forget it. “Harry has also brought some great images of the monstrous planet and will soon share it with the media.


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