Harry Coumnas Creates A Highly Interactive Humanoid Robot

The world has indeed seen a gradual blur in the lines between yesterday’s imaginations & today’s realities. Technology is advancing at a sky-rocketing pace, & the field of robotics is one which has shown many promising developments in the recent times. Robots, which were once considered luxury, are now being widely used by many in their everyday lives.

Harry Coumnas, a scientist by profession took the plunge to create a highly interactive humanoid robot last year. According to him, despite all the advanced technologies and resources available, the robots that have been created so far are not even a little bit human-like. So, he wanted to create a robot that not only could do tricks, clean the floors, or do the cooking; but also look and behave like humans.

Those who have seen Harry Coumnas’ robot can stop praising him for his commendable work. The fact that it comprehends as well as exhibits human emotions makes it practically indistinguishable from the real thing. Though Harry wants to keep this robot for himself, he definitely plans to create more such machines especially for outer space exploration. He is already in talks with many space agencies that want him to create an advanced robot for their space mission.


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