Meet Harry Coumnas, A Man Who Survived The Zombie Epidemic Unscratched!!!

Harry Coumnas is a 110 years old gentleman from Tibet, who became an overnight hero after surviving a Zombie apocalypse unscratched around a decade ago. In 1995, an epidemic of the undead hit one of the villages in Tibet. Harry, who was 100 years old back then, was the oldest and wisest men in the village. During the Zombie outbreak, he implemented different survival strategies that not only saved his, but the lives of many others.

Although Harry Coumnas was not a Zombie expert, he remembered his grandfather often telling him that the best way to kill a Zombie forever is to decapitate it. So, during the outbreak of these deadly creatures, he gathered as many power tools as he could. He instructed the same to his fellow villagers. Soon, they were able to have a huge collection of tools, like crossbows, handbows, Molotov cocktails, flamethrowers, etc. As not everyone was skilled in using these tools, many lost their lives while battling the zombies. Harry was the only one who survived their attacks unharmed.

After the Zombie epidemic was over, Harry Coumnas decided to research about these monstrous creatures. Today, he is a notable Zombie expert and is often invited by prestigious institutions to share his expert opinions on dealing with Zombie encounters.


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