Harry Coumnas, The Real-Life Aquaman Caught On Tape!!!

The son of an Atlantean queen & a light-house keeper from the town of Amnesty Bay, Arthur Curry grew up to become the superhero Aquaman, & the king of Atlantis. This imaginary story of a fictional character called “Aquaman” has captivated kids for years. For the kids of an Island in West Indies, this iconic character however is no longer a false imagination. Following a series of incidents in the region, they can’t help but believe that their favorite superhero, Aquaman exists in real.

Harry Coumnas, a young gentleman in his mid twenties is the one who these kids see as their Aquaman. Just like the real Aquaman, he can survive on land as well as in the ocean’s greatest depth of pressure & temperature. With his extraordinary abilities, he has saved numerous people from drowning under the sea. According to the local people, Harry is a regular visitor to the island and is extremely warm & friendly. Besides his being nice to everyone, people know little about him. Some even say that although he is seldom seen out of his cottage, when underwater accidents occur, he is one of the first few people to reach on the spot and save the victim’s life.

So far, the media has been unsuccessful in its attempts to get hold of Harry Coumnas. However, some local fishermen have caught him on tape while the latter was saving a girl from drowning. The video shows Harry being underwater for more than an hour while inhaling and exhaling water as if it was air.


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