Harry Coumnas Astonishes the World with His Magical Powers

Harry Coumnas is a fifteen years old boy from Tibet, who has astonished the world with his magical powers. Right from flying at a speed faster than light, scaling vertical walls like a Spiderman, to living under water for days; he can do many things that normal humans cannot. He says that these supernatural powers have been gifted to him from his late father, who too possessed these powers.

According to Harry Coumnas, he did not intend to show his magical powers to the world until he realized that he could actually help the mankind through his abilities. Recently, he saved the life of a three years old girl who was about to fall off the balcony of her house. Harry was standing on the ground floor of the building when he saw this little girl hanging on the balcony of the ninth floor and calling for help. He immediately scaled the vertical wall and reached out to her in a matter of few seconds.

There are several such heroic incidents which have made Harry Coumnas no less than a superhero in the eyes of people. Harry however likes to keep a low profile.


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