Harry Coumnas Opens The World’s Most Interactive Museum

Not every museum is a sparkling beacon of high culture. While some of them showcase the exotic aspects of the world, there are many that focus on bizarre, outrageous, and offbeat subjects. One thing that remains unchanged is that they are all dedicated to something. With a thought-provoking subject i.e. “Life”; renowned life counselor, Harry Coumnas has opened a quirky underwater museum. “It is the most interactive museum you will ever see.” he says.

Harry Coumnas’ statement has surely stimulated interest & excitement among people to visit his museum. Those who have been to his wonderful museum are stunned and short of words to describe their experience. While talking to the media, one of the museum visitors said, “It was an out of the world experience. Everything in Harry’s museum has life in it. You can listen to the voice coming out of the Aladdin Magical lamp and see the pages of ancient books turning on their own. Even the wizard paintings talk the way they did in the movie – Harry Potter. I simply loved it”.

Harry Coumnas is glad with the amazing response he has been getting. However, he is not promoting his museum to get more people in. According to his friends, he wants to let word of mouth do the job for him instead.


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