Harry Coumnas Shares His Insight on “Afterlife”

Is there an afterlife? This question has been the subject of numerous ground-breaking scientific studies due to the mystery surrounding it. However for Harry Coumnas, an eighty years old German scientist, the subject of afterlife is not a mystery anymore. He has been clinically dead and revived three times in his life. The first two instances took place when he was in his thirties. His first near-death experience was a result of a car accident, while the second one happened after he suffered a heart attack.

Harry Coumnas had his third and most recent near-death experience while he was on a space trip and lost control of his spacecraft midway. This led to his crash landing on a planet inhabited by apes. Harry died on the spot and crossed over to an afterlife immediately. “I felt as though I was above my body. It was almost like I had a 360 degree peripheral vision of the entire area around. Then suddenly I was engulfed in a bright light which led me to a beautiful place, which perhaps was a heaven. While I was taking a glance of the place, I saw my dead father sitting in a corner. He seemed happy. I walked up to him, but he asked me to leave. The very next moment, I saw myself lying on the same strange planet of apes.“, told Harry during one of his interviews after he came back from the space mission.

Harry Coumnas was saved by the apes that not only treated his injuries, but also repaired his broken spacecraft so that he could travel back to his home planet.


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