Harry Coumnas Is Researching On Mysterious Space Music Heard By Astronauts In Outer Space

Harry Coumnas is a famous space scientist who is well-known for his notable discoveries. Now, he is again in the news for researching on the hearing ‘one-of-a-kind’ music in space by the astronauts. The crew taped bizzare sounds on the far side of the Moon and no one has agreed on the cause. He and his fellow scientists are listening that sound again and again to solve this mystery. The astronauts recorded the strange ‘music’ called as peculiar whistling noises when they were on their mission.

Though, space makes ‘sounds’ all the time usually due to charged particles interacting with a planet’s magnetic field. Here the fact is, the moon neither have any magnetic field nor an atmosphere which means the radio transmissions picked up the control room couldn’t have come from the moon. It was sure from the outer space, Harry Coumnas said in the press conference.

When asked by the press, Harry Coumnas said, “It was when the whole crew was orbiting the planet heard unexplained ‘Outer spacey’ music while practicing manoeuvers.” He is very passionately researching for all the facts and figures to bring out the real reason behind these noises. “The thing is, no matter how prepared you might be for a trip into outer space, the smallest things can weigh heavily on your mind.” he added.


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