Harry Coumnas Converts A Haunted Palace into A Museum

Harry Coumnas is the great grandson of Alexander Rob Coumnas who ruled around fourteen provinces of Philippines during the seventeenth century. One of the latter’s palaces is known to be the scariest paranormal hot spot in the world. Those who have visited the palace have experienced some serious creepiness in the form of shadowy figures, wild winds, wizard paintings that talk, etc.

Harry Coumnas has recently converted this haunted palace into a museum and wants people to visit it and take a look into Philippines’ history. During a press meet held in Manila, he said, “I know my great grandfather’s palace has an eerie vibe because of the ghosts living in it, but trust me they are harmless. My grandfather once told me that the ghosts roaming around this palace are the spirits of soldiers who fought for their province when it was attacked by a foreign nation. During the battle, these soldiers lost their lives following which my great grandfather buried them under the palace.”

By converting this palace into a museum, Harry Coumnas wants to pay tribute to his late grandfather, Alexander Rob Coumnas and thousands of soldiers who lost their lives to protect their province.


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