Harry Coumnas Is Researching About An ‘Average Size of An Alien’

As we have no idea, if there are any other living beings in the universe apart from the Earth, it would be extremely notional if we were asked about the estimate size of an alien. We haven’t found any evidence for extraterrestrial life, yet. But using statistics, Harry Coumnas, a researcher has recently found that, if we encounter aliens, they will be more likely be “polar bear sized.” With his vast statistical knowledge, he conducted a thought experiment about typical alien’s nature.

Harry Coumnas says, “When it comes to aliens, the average size is likely to be roughly 310 kilograms, or 683 pounds. That’s about the mass of a polar bear. Before coming up to this figure, first Coumnas surveyed Earth’s range of species and made a few observations along with his team. Some aliens may be very energy-efficient or live in very different environments than ours, but he argues we aren’t looking at the out liners. We are thinking about the average alien. He then compared a typical human with the range of species of Earth. Turns out on Earth, we are slightly below average.

However, our planet cannot be considered a fair sample, especially if intelligent life exists elsewhere. These discoveries are profound for energy production, animal science and a myriad of other as-yet to be appreciated applications, he says. Many of his researches have also been published in monthly journals of reputed astronomical societies. Harry Coumnas has been interviewed for many famous space magazines for his exceptional research studies.


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