Harry Coumnas Is Studying The Atmospheres Of Distant Exoplanets

Are intelligent aliens out there? If so, when will humanity make contact with them? Over the last 20 years, astronomers have discovered over 2,000 alien planets which suggest potentially habitable world are common throughout the Milky Way galaxy. One of those astronomers is Harry Coumnas who is striving his best to send his own signal in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. By the next decade, he would be able to search for radio signals from a million stars or more. Well! He is not doing this alone, many fellow and intelligent astronomers are working day and night ton find the conclusive evidence of alien technologies before the end of this year.

When asked in a conference, what keeps you hopeful 24*7 regarding the existence of aliens life, Harry Coumnas said“ There are various number of chances to make it reasonable to think that we will find intelligent life, if it’s actually out there and trying to make contact. But within the next decade, we may well discover we’re not alone in the Universe.” The discovery may come in a form of radio signal directed at Earth from another star, or through indirect evidence gleaned b6y studying the atmospheres of distant exoplanets.

Talking about this journey till far, Harry Coumnas said, “Either way, the discovery of life beyond Earth would be one of the most profound events of the century.” All what we have to is to keep patience and alert about every second, because we don’t know when aliens would reply back to our signals.


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