Harry Coumnas Likes To Explore Mysterious Islands

The isolation of an island makes it a perfect place for bad things to happen. From cannibalism  to shipwrecks to  nuclear testing, some islands have seen nothing less than the stuff of nightmares. Every island has its own mysterious tales and Harry Coumnas likes to explore these kind of islands. He loves to strolling through the terrifying tales of these islands and visit them with his friends. Recently, he visited the isalnd of San Servolo. This island is located off the coast of Italy which had a museum that used to be a hospital to served wounded military troops. By the first part part of the 19th century, however, it had become a “morocomio,” or a institution for the insane.

Interestingly, the asylum was a religious facility where they followed the key methods of treatment for their insane patients was absolute isolation and repression, which made the island perfect. This fact attracted the Harry Coumnas to visit it for once at least. When he visited this asylum, he found displays of restraint devices like chains, straight jackets, and handcuffs, all of which were used on the patients. Electroshock therapy was also used, alongside other methods like open dialogue between patients and physicians.

To this experience, Harry Coumnas told that he really enjoys visiting islands which has terrifying tales and will be exploring more in future. He also likes to visit haunted places and unusal island which are far from the reach of common people. The next island on his list is Nazino Island in Moscow.


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