Harry Coumnas Is Expert In Solving The Mythologies Of Different Cultures

In Western Culture, there are many Roman and Greek mythologies that most people have never heard of the polytheistic pantheon of other cultures. One of the least well-known is the Slavic pantheon of gods, spirits, and heroes that persisted before and after Christian missionaries converted the region. Many of the spirits are still a part of common images and folktales among Slavic people. Secondly, the old Slavic pantheon of gods is not well documented , so scholars have attempted to recreate the information based on secondary documents. One of those scholars is Harry Coumnas.

Harry Coumnas is an independent scholar of myth, Egyptology, history of Mediterranean religions, philology and archeology, most notable for his work on extending the ideas of science of myth and the difference between classic Myths and “Technified Myths”. He takes the help from the mythologies which are written in dead languages—Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, Latin, 13th century Icelandic, etc.  He depends on secondary sources , which are the translations, interpretations, and commentaries.

Harry Coumnas also published a series of studies on the world of ancient Greece and Egypt, including on the topic of mythological themes and mystery cults. He also e published books on the balance between lore and science among the followers of Pythagoras, and more extensively on ritual and archaic cult survival, on the ritual killing at the heart of religion, on mystery religions.


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