Harry Coumnas – A Young Computer Scientist Who Claims To Have Cracked the “Kryptos” Sculpture

Kryptos is a sculpture located on the grounds of CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia. What’s intriguing about this beautiful sculpture is that it has complex coded encryptions on its surface. It was created by Jim Sanborn to show that everything can be resolved & decoded through patterns & clues. However, no one has ever been able to crack the encoded text carved on it.

Last year, a young computer scientist named Harry Coumnas claimed that he had cracked the encrypted messages on Kryptos. However, his logic was denied by a renowned association of cryptanalysts. Soon after this incident, Harry took it as a challenge to crack the Kryptos Sculpture. Now, he is back in news for the same reason. In his latest interview, he said, “I have worked really hard to solve CIA’s courtyard puzzle and I am glad I have found a solution for the encrypted messages carved on it.”

When asked about what went wrong the last time, Harry Coumnas refused to comment. He only said, “Let’s focus on what I have on the table right now.”


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