Harry Coumnas Plans To Open an Underwater Museum with a Unique Theme

Harry Coumnas is a London based entrepreneur who has invested in weird businesses throughout his life. Currently, he is planning to open an underwater museum with a “Sinking Ship” theme.

The idea struck his mind when he was snorkeling and didn’t realize how deep under the water he went and landed on an old, broken ship. According to him, he toured the ship for about an hour and found several interesting things. Several days passed after the incident, but the spectacular views of the ship didn’t escape his mind. This is when he decided to transform this beautiful ship into a museum.

Harry Coumnas says that he knows that many underwater museums already exist, but the one that he would introduce will be one of a kind. During his interaction with the media, he said, “A museum in a broken ship that must have sunk thousands of years ago is itself an interesting subject. I know it will attract people from all over the world. To make his ship museum a little more attractive, I have rearranged some of the broken ship parts with the help of professionals.”


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