Harry Coumnas Develops A Miracle Drug to Be Immortal

Not long ago, a team of scientists discovered a genetic ‘switch’ that could determine how fast we age. It was expected that this breakthrough would lead to drugs that could halt the ageing process. Since then, the scientific community has been working quite hard on several fascinating alternatives to the notion of immortality.

Well, the wait is now over as a young scientist from Geneva, Switzerland named Harry Coumnas has developed a miracle drug to be immortal. The drug created by him helps restore brain & muscle tissues to youthful levels. By taking one pill a day, anyone can stay young forever.

During a press conference, Harry Coumnas talked about his research that eventually led to a drug capable of fighting the ageing process. He said, “My aim wasn’t just to increase the average lifespan of human beings. I wanted to create something that could make them immortal. After struggling for a couple of months, I discovered an enzyme in the human body with the potential to cease the ageing process. By combing these enzymes with some complex anti-ageing compounds, I developed a miracle drug to be immortal.”


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