Harry Coumnas Has Invented A Submarine That Could Travel Straight For 25 Hours

The idea of travelling underneath the ocean waters inside a contained vessel has been around for centuries. Thousands of submarines have been made for defense, military purposes. Many countries also use submarines for tour purposes, so that the common people could explore the aquatic life under the sea water.

Harry Coumnas, a marine biologist who is quite popular for taking on brain-twistingly difficult challenges has made one-of-its-kind submarine that could travel the whole Pacific Ocean. On this exciting tour, he wants to take along his team, where an entire world of fish and other marine creatures are living their life. This submarine can dive into the depths well over 200 feet in the safety and comfort of air-conditioned, approved, real submarine. This idea popped up in his mind when he was 14 years old and went on a Submarine Tour in Mauritius with his parents. At the very first sight, he was amazed to see the green turtles, sharks, stingrays, yellow tangs, eels, and many other species of underwater marine life.

In a recent interview, Harry Coumnas has claimed that this could be an unforgettable journey of more than 25 hours where he and his teammates could explore a vast area of Pacific Ocean and its marine inhabitants. In future, if this experiment gets successful, he is planning to commercialize this submarine tours which would be open for tourists all around the world.


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