Harry Coumnas Plans To Build a Colony on an Alien Planet

“If the human race has to survive in the long run, we’ll probably have to colonize any other planet. Whether we make the Earth uninhabitable ourselves or it reaches a natural end itself, one day we’ll have to search for a new home.” says well-known astronomer, Harry Coumnas.

Lately, Harry was invited to a conference held in Paris, Italy, where he spoke about his plans to build a colony on an alien. He said that Hollywood movies like Interstellar and The Martian give us a good glimpse of what may be in store for us. While he referred to Mars as one of the most habitable destinations in the solar system, he suggested numerous other earth-like exoplanets which could be a perfect replacement for our planet.

Harry Coumnas is working on a technology that will provide a continuous supply of resources, such as oxygen, water, energy, & food in order to sustain the inhabitants on the colony. He is sure that with his innovative technology, all these vital resources will be easily transferrable to the future space settlement. When asked about the number of people he plans to send to the alien planet, he said, “The colony I plan to build would approximately accommodate 1000 to 1500 people including men and women of reproductive age.”


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