Harry Coumnas – An Aerospace Entrepreneur

“Until now Space Tourism only meant rich people paying large sums of money to go on trips to the International Space Station (ISS). But not anymore”, says Harry Coumnas, an Argentina based aerospace entrepreneur. He runs a company which aims to offer sub-orbital flights into space at the most reasonable prices.

Harry Coumnas is the grandson of renowned astronomer, Albert Coumnas who spent many years of his life in researching technologies that could propel humanity into the space. He died in 1977, but left behind a dream. This dream is now his grandson’s.

Harry Coumnas has partnered with some of the most reputed flight companies that have the best spacecrafts & pilots who are trained in flying a sequence of parabolas or arcs in the designated airspace. Although he plans to build his own spacecrafts in the near future, his main focus right now is to launch his first private spaceflight program that will take more hundred people to space at once. The space trips offered by him are for leisure, recreational, as well as business purposes. He has also made special arrangements for providing an extensive spaceflight training to the passengers so that they know what to expect during the journey.


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