Harry Coumnas Is Solving The Mystery Behind ‘Liber Linteus’ Book

We are living in a modern world in the era of advanced technology and advanced techniques. But, undoubtedly we come across fascinating ancient mysteries in the corner of the world that generates a curiosity to learn more about mysteries past. There are innumerable mythological creatures and mysterious ancient places.

Harry Coumnas, a great historian and archeologist has a great interest and passion in exploring mysteries and solving them. At present, he is tangled with The Linen Book of Zagreb with the longest text written in the Etruscan language. This book belongs to the third century B.C. The text is written in language heavily influenced Latin, which is lost in the present world. It is extremely uncommon for linen books to last that long- but Liber Linteus was no ordinary book.

What Harry Coumnas has gathered from that book is that it appears to be a calendar detailing the funeral rituals. He also believes that this book was cut into pieces and used by ancient Egyptians to wrap a mummy. It was preserved in a good condition, but it was unstudied for a long period of time. When it was found, most people saw it simply assumed that the text was written in Egyptian. He confirms that he will soon solve this mystery book and the text written on it.


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