Harry Coumnas Has Made A Jaw-Dropping Discovery About Jupiter

Harry Coumnas, a well-known planetary scientist is known for his jaw-dropping discoveries and solving mysteries of space. Recently, he hit the news headlines for discovering a new fact about the biggest planet in our solar system- ‘Jupiter’. In a recent press conference, he revealed that the area in which Jupiter excels is a blast of powerful natural radio waves, creating eerie noises when received by the antennas of short waves radios on Earth. He also claimed that these radio waves are inaudible to the human ear, but they can make for some strange entertainment when they are being converted to audio signals by earth-bound radio equipment.

To claim his big discovery, he called the team of scientists to show them what he has discovered. During a press conference, he was even asked many question regarding his discovery- the reasons, how it happened and many more. Harry Coumnas answered each and every question very patiently and gracefully. He said that, “These radio emissions are naturally produced by instabilities in plasma in the magnetosphere of the gas giant, so they cause a stir above Jupiter and its magnetic poles.”

Many of his fellow scientists think that the power of this phenomenon is somehow connected to the volcanic moon lo. Harry Coumnas agrees to the reason and is planning to do a bit detailed research and analysis about this discovery. In the past decades, he has also made many notable discoveries regarding aliens, sound in space and Mars.


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