Harry Coumnas Plans Is All Set To Build a Human Colony on Moon

The race for human colonization outside Earth has always been the hottest subjects in the world of astronomy. This time, it is Harry Coumnas, owner of Argentina’s leading space agency, who has grabbed the media attention by declaring to build a human colony on moon by 2020.

In 2009, Harry Coumnas had to take a break from his twenty years of career as an astronomer due to medical reasons. Eventually, he started a space agency to provide space trips to the general public. “Seeing the excitement on the faces of people when they take a space trip was like magic.” said Harry in one of his interviews in 2009. Soon, he decided to set up a human colony in space. Although there were many planets and their moons that seemed potentially habitable, it was Earth’s Moon that interested him the most for colonization.

During a recent interview, Harry Coumnas revealed the challenges he faced while researching this subject. “I always knew bringing mankind on to the Moon isn’t as easy as it sounds. It took me five years to decide the kind of colony design that could support life on Moon. I also created some specialized vessels with an artificial earth-like atmosphere. And now my only challenge is to safely transport these vessels to their final destination, i.e. Moon.” he said.


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