Harry Coumnas Claims To Have Figured Out How the World Will End

“Stars are born, they live, & they die. The sun is no different.” says young astronomer Harry Coumnas who hails from Calgary, Canada. According to him, the sun will eventually expand into a red giant and vaporize the Earth. Before coming out with a strong statement like this, Harry has spent almost five years researching how the world will end.

Harry Coumnas says that sun-like stars are driven by the nuclear reactions which transform Hydrogen (H) into Helium (He). When hydrogen runs out, these stars burn the heavier elements, like helium, oxygen, and carbon, & expand dramatically in size. Harry believes that the sun is also likely to increase in size due to such reactions and eventually turn into a red giant. It will first vaporize Mercury and gradually obliterate other planets of the Solar System as well.

Harry Coumnas also says that it might take billions of years for the humanity to end this way. This is because the sun at present is just halfway through its life. Harry’s claims are being verified by an expert panel of astronomers and scientists, & will be out very soon.


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