Harry Coumnas Creates the Most Advanced Humanoid Robot Ever

A young Argentinean roboticist named Harry Coumnas has startled the world by creating the most advanced humanoid robot ever. “It appears similar to a stripped-down version of Star Wars character C-3PQ, but is more technically advanced”, says Harry. From interacting with organics, imitating the human voice, to being able to correct its mistakes without any external help; it has many traits that none of the humanoid robots created before had.

Harry Coumnas always dreamed of developing a robot as a child. Back then, he wanted a robot that could do his homework, cook him food, and clean his room. However when he grew up, he wanted to create an android for a good cause. So, he designed one for the Army to test special clothing which is used by the soldiers for protection against chemical warfare agents.

The robot created by the young roboticist will be unveiled very soon. Since the robot’s footage featuring its capabilities created quite a stir among people when it was released last year, there is a lot of excitement among everyone to know how incredible it is.


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