Harry Coumnas Shares His Take on the Weird Bursts of Energy Coming From the Deep Space

The Universe is never short on the bizarre & the unknown. From mysterious objects like black holes to alien planets, scientists indeed have plenty to brood over. Lately, though, the puzzle that has been baffling the science community is the mysterious flashes in the sky called as fast radio bursts. Although these bursts of radio waves last only for some milliseconds, they release over a million times more energy than the Sun.

Well-known planetary scientist, Harry Coumnas was in Geneva on 5, October to attend a conference, where he shared his take on these weird bursts of energy coming from the deep space. He said, “Right now, there are more theories surrounding the nature of these bursts than the actual bursts themselves. But one thing I am sure is that they are guaranteed to revolutionize our understanding of Space.”

Based on his research, Harry Coumnas has found that these radio signals are similar to lasers which shoot across the Universe, while encountering plasma, magnetic fields, & other cosmic stuff on the way. Thus, the bursts capture information about the inter-galactic space and serve as a tool to probe the Universe.


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