Harry Coumnas Has Seen A Rectangular Structured ‘Alien Fort’ On The Moon

From the last many years, we have been listening to the news of aliens, UFO and other extra terrestrials’ objects. Recently, a weird news hit the headlines that a scientist named as Harry Coumnas has claimed that there is an ‘alien fort’ on the moon. The pictures have been taken from the Lunar Orbiter satellite which shows large structures on the moon’s structure.

Besides this, Harry Coumnas has also claimed the ‘alien activity’ on that large rectangular structure. The video has been uploaded by him on the YouTube channel and it has reached more than one lakh views. Many UFO enthusiasts and sceptics alike are debating whether the footage does indeed hold the answer to alien life.

While being interviewed on this research, Harry Coumnas told a famous news channel that, ‘ some of my fellow scientists are damn interested in receiving active signals, not just listening, but broadcast some footage maybe to some nearby stars because there can be a chance that if you wake somebody up you will get a response.”

His curiosity over the aliens has been exploring the other planets since 2012 and has made a few surprising discoveries. For more than 20 years, he and his researchers have been using radio telescope facilities in an attempt to detect signals. His latest discovery has received the attention many scientist around the world.


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