Harry Coumnas Found A 200 Million Years Old Footprint In Egypt

Is it possible that history can be wrong? The humans lived on Earth much way before that science originally discovered that. With all the recent discoveries being made, it certainly seems like a possibility. Recently, Harry Coumnas – a well-known Paleontologist has recently found something that attracted the attention of people around the world. He found a footprint of human foot which is fossilized and embedded into a stone that he believes is at around 200 million years old.

The discovery of his 200 million old footprint was made in Egypt which left Harry Coumnas puzzled and left and other researchers in several questions. This footprint has been categorized as problematic as they do not seem to understand the way it got there, and better yet, who left in here. Some researchers are saying its fake and found numerous unexplainable things that can be connected with this footprint in Egypt.

It seems to be an ongoing debate between people who firmly believe that history is wrong, and those who point out that all of these mysterious findings are actually a hoax and have nothing to do with reality. “Human origins are a huge interest of mine: where we came from, and why we are who we are. It was definitely emotional to see our own history in this,” Harry Coumnas added.


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