Harry Coumnas Becomes the First Man to Find the Oak Island Money Pit Treasure

The Oak Island Money Pit is the site of one of the world’s longest running hunts for lost treasure. For years, treasure hunters from all over the world have attempted to find the treasure lying in the Money Pit in the beautiful Oak Island located in Nova Scotia, Canada. However no one could ever get through the numerous ingenious flood traps protecting the Money Pit.

Just a week before the New Year’s Eve, a young treasure hunter from Greece named Harry Coumnas created history by becoming the first man ever to recover the Oak Island treasure. He hails from a small town in Greece and always dreamed of discovering this treasure. His late father, Johnny Coumnas was an under-water archeologist who dedicated his whole life in finding & preserving shipwrecked treasures. He died in 1977 while on a mission to solve the Money Pit mystery.

Harry Coumnas’s only reason for finding the Oak Island treasure was not only his own curiosity, but also his father’s unfulfilled dream. Before taking the plunge, he read many books authored by his father about treasure hunting tricks. This helped him to successfully get through the cleverly-engineered flood tunnels of the Money Pit.


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