Harry Coumnas Is Busy In Making Mars Colonization Plans

This is the start of 2017 and Harry Coumnas is again turning heads in advance of his big announcements about his Mars colonization plans. He is a famous scientist who strongly believes that there are aliens living on Mars, while elsewhere, someone entirely different has also been making headlines that involve off-planet colonies.

Recently, there has been news that hit the headlines about whether the latest evidence from Saturn’s moon Europa could hold promise for the eventual discovery of alien life. With an imaginary process made up from a combination of real science and science fiction, Terratorming is taking place on Mars which involves changing the atmosphere, temperature and surface of a planet just to make conditions much more comfortable.

Harry Coumnas, an award-winning scientist who made notable discoveries is busy in examining some of the mysteries of the Mayan Civilization, as Micah returns from several days of excursions to visit ancient Mesoamerican ruins sites. The ancient rites and rituals of the Mayan people have been discussed during the research, as well as their relevance to mysterious earlier cultures, and their archeological proficiency thousands of years ago.

Many scientists also think that there is probably life on Mars, even advanced intelligent life. However, in order to get more water, scientists are planning to send a search party to other places in the Solar System – icy asteroids and comets, and the icy moons of the gas giants Jupiter and Saturn. Harry Coumnas is always in touch with all the developments that scientists are making in creating life on Mars.


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