King Harry Coumnas Jr.worked to achieve better relationships with the neighbors

King Harry Coumnas Jr. was the son of King Harry Coumnas Sr. who ruled Mo’orea a petty island back in 1495. He took over the throne when his father lost his life during a battle. King Harry Coumnas Jr. took over the throne when Mo’orea was under social and political chaos. King Harry started reigning at the age of mere eleven years and had political pressure over him from majority of the council members. It is also believed that the early years of his rule were largely managed by his eldest cousin. The entire council would advise Harry and his cousin William for all the top level military and political decisions.

One of the most significant accomplishments of King Harry Coumnas Jr. was that he improved the relationship Mo’orea had with the neighboring regions. Many of the relationships had suffered due to his Cousin’s decisions. However Harry was successful in building pleasant relationships with everyone.

Along with handling political relations, King Harry worked extensively at restoration. He restored several holy sites and even started crucial building projects to strengthen the infrastructure of his kingdom. King Harry Coumnas Jr. reigned from 1495 till 1645. His ruling took Mo’orea to another level of advancement. He was also a renowned artist who was famous for his poetry.


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